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APHD Student Spotlight Corner

March 2021
Joshua Lim - March 2021 Student Spotlight


WHY OISE? "The collaborative community. From my peers to the faculty, I've found companionship and support. Everyone wants you to succeed."

- Joshua Lim
(MA in Child Study and Education)

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February 2021
Jordan Mcvittie - Feb 2021 Student Spotlight



"Both the town that I grew up in and my Indigenous community are in desperate need of mental health support. I am hoping that with the education and training from the School and Clinical Child Psychology program that I will be able to help provide this much needed support one day."

- Jordan McVittie
(MA in School and Clinical Child Psychology)

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January 2021
Tiffany Anderson - Jan 2021 Student Spotlight


"One thing that I like most about my experience at OISE is being able to learn concepts that are immediately applicable to the current work that I do."

- Tiffany Anderson
(MEd in Developmental Psychology and Education)

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December 2020
Doris Lin - Dec 2020 Student Spotlight


"The best thing I like about OISE is the people. I am so grateful for the support I have received from the staff, faculty and my cohort since my first day at OISE."

- Feng-Yi (Doris) Lin
(MEd in Developmental Psychology and Education)

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November 2020
Nicole Loncar - November 2020 Student Spotlight


"Our journey towards becoming psychologists was no longer an "if", it was a "when"; our only job was to enjoy, appreciate, and get the most out of the process. This sentiment is demonstrative of the overall sense of camaraderie that I've experienced within my cohort, in my classes, and throughout all of OISE."

- Nicole Loncar
(MA in School and Clinical Child Psychology)

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October 2020
Ying Yao - Oct 2020 Student Spotlight


"The APHD (Developmental Psychology and Education) program at OISE offers world-class training and career development opportunities designed to help students engage in cutting-edge applied psychology research projects."

- Ying Yao
(PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education)

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September 2020
Meaghan Sullivan -Sep 2020 Student Spotlight


"I have always been in awe of the prestige and faculty at OISE...I love being surrounded by like-minded people. OISE has such a vibrant vibe in it's passion for teaching."

- Meaghan Sullivan
(MA in Child Study & Education)

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April 2020
Naifang Wang - April 2020 Student Spotlight

"I found this specific program has a special focus on global mental health so it was a perfect fit for me, because counselling is interpreted very differently across different cultures, and as an international student I think it is very essential for me to learn how to incorporate the different cultures and values into counselling."

- Naifang Wang
(MEd in Counselling Psychlogy - Global Mental Health)

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March 2020
Francis wall - Student Spotlight March 2020


"I try hard not to avoid my weaknesses, and rather see them as chances to grow and prove you can do something."

- Francis Wall
(PhD in School & Clinical Child Psychology)

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February 2020
Carine Diverlus - Student Spotlight Feb 2020


"There's so much work to be done and to hear all the ways that these individual and colleagues of mine intend on contributing to society and the advancement of mental health services is so amazing!"

- Carine Diverlus
(MEd in Counselling Psychology, Global Mental Health)

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January 2020Janani S.


"I craved to work in a field where I could do work that is both meaningful to me and could give me the opportunity to contribute to society on a higher level."

- Janani Selvachandran
(PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education)

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